Analysis is a broad area of mathematical research.  Analysis at Mississippi State University primarily focuses on functional analysis, function theoretic operator theory, and noncommutative geometry.  The area of functional analysis is centered on local spectral theory of operators in Banach spaces, Hardy spaces, and Bergman spaces.  Here sheaf theory, complex analysis, and the theory of topological vectors spaces are used. Research in function theoretic operator theory consists of composition operators and averaging operators in Hardy and Bergman spaces as well. The tools used in this area are mainly from complex analysis.  Finally in the area of noncommutative geometry, classifying unbounded derivations in C*-algebras is the main goal so that they could be potentially lifted to a GNS Hilbert space and possibly lead to spectral triples in noncommutative domains.  Finally in this area, functional, real and complex analysis as well as theory of operator algebras are used.