About the Mathematics Placement Exam

The mathematics placement exam is designed for students who are entering Mississippi State University and are looking for an opportunity to place into a higher mathematics course than where their Math ACT sub score places them. Students are not required to take the placement exam. If they are happy with the mathematics class that their ACT places them in, they can take that class without a placement exam.

Any student who falls into the following categories will NOT be permitted to take the placement exam:

  1. Any student with a Math ACT sub score of 16 or lower. They must enroll in MA 0103 (Intermediate Algebra). 
  2. Any student who has transferred in a math class from a different college/university that they did not pass (D or F). (For example, did not pass (D or F) College Algebra at a community college.) 
  3. Any student who has taken a math class at Mississippi State University that they did not pass (D or F). (For example, did not pass (D or F) College Algebra at Mississippi State University.) 

We highly encourage any student who qualifies and would like to take the Math Placement Exam to take it the first day of their respective orientation session. This will allow time for the math department to put in any overrides before the student registers for classes on day two. 

There will be a total of 3 exams that the student will possibly take when they go and take the placement exam. Each exam is 30 minutes in length and the next exam must be taken immediately after passing the one before. (You will not be able to take part 2 on a different date or a different time on the same day after passing part 1). Passing each part will place a student into a certain class and allow them to try the next part of the exam. The chart below explains what class the student will be able to sign up for upon passing each part of the exam. 

Math Class Current ACT Prerequisite Required Placement Exam Result
MA 0103 MACT <19 None
MA 1313 MACT ≥19 73% on Part 1 of the Placement Exam
MA 1323 MACT ≥24 73% on Part 2 of the Placement Exam
MA 1613 MACT ≥24 73% on Part 2 of the Placement Exam
MA/ST 2113 MACT ≥24 73% on Part 2 of the Placement Exam
MA 1713 MACT ≥26 80% on Part 3 of the Placement Exam


The placement test will not punish any student who does not pass the part of the placement exam where their ACT sub score places them. For example, a student with a math sub score of 24 who does not pass Part 1 can still take MA 1323, MA 1613, or MA/ST 2113. 

Once a placement is achieved that a student is happy with, the test can end. The student does not have to take the next part. 

A student must start with Part 1 even if their ACT math sub score allows them to take that class already. For example, a student with a 24 on their math sub score of the ACT must start with Part 1 even though they can already take MA 1323 (Trigonometry) without the placement test. 

Once a student finishes the math placement exam, they need to allow 24 hours for the placement test coordinator to put the override in for the student. They will be given an override into the highest class that they place into. If a student wishes to not take the highest class they place into and instead take a different math class, then they need to email the Placement Test Coordinator as soon as they finish the exam to inform him of this information. 

Since MA 1323, MA 1613, and MA/ST 2113 are at the same level in the placement testing, a student who passes Part 2 needs to inform the placement test coordinator immediately after the exam on which class they would like to be overwritten into. 

To obtain instructions on registering for the mathematics placement exam, students need to contact the Math Placement Test Coordinator below to obtain all necessary instructions and information. 

Students need to also be aware that this placement exam could take up to 90 minutes to complete all parts, so a student should not show up to take this test if they do not have the time in their schedule and will have to leave in the middle of the exam. 

Students will not receive “S” credit for any class that is able to be skipped due to this placement test. So if a student needs 6 hours of math (say MA 1313 and MA 1613) and they have the ACT requirement for MA 1313 then they probably do not need to take the placement exam.

Math Placement Test Coordinator 

Mr. Jacob Tschume 


Location: Allen 449

Phone: 662-325-7176