PhD Program in Mathematical Sciences

The Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences program is an interdisciplinary program designed to ensure that the student acquires knowledge in a broad spectrum of the mathematical sciences in addition to expertise in a chosen field of concentration. Programs of study are structured to reflect the belief that a student in the mathematical sciences should be proficient in a specialized area, and understand how it relates to other areas and be able to apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems. As a result, the Ph.D. graduate is prepared to work in industry, government, or academia. Besides opportunities for consulting experience through the Center for Statistical and Mathematical Services, students in the Ph.D. program may have opportunities for participation in research projects through other facilities on campus, such as the Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation. 

Breadth Requirements for the Ph.D.

In keeping with the emphasis in the doctoral program that each student acquires breadth in the mathematical sciences, each student in the program will demonstrate a satisfactory grasp of each of the areas listed below. 

  1. A Programming Language;
  2. Matrices/Linear Algebra;
  3. Probability/Statistics;
  4. Advanced Calculus;
  5. Computational Mathematics/Statistics.

The Graduate Coordinating Committee members will determine a student's satisfactory grasp of the areas listed above.