Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Mississippi State University. The Department offers several degree programs: 1) B.A. in Mathematics, 2) B.S. in Mathematics, 3) M.S. in Mathematics, 4) M.S. in Statistics, and 5) Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences. The department also offers a minor in mathematics and a minor in statistics at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The department currently has 40 faculty members, including approximately 25 graduate faculty, approximately 55 undergraduate majors, and about 40 full- or part-time graduate students.

While our graduate faculty are very active in research, undergraduate education is of paramount importance to the faculty. Almost every class at the level of Calculus I and above is taught by a full-time faculty member. Thus, our students are taught by energetic, internationally recognized faculty who are indeed interested in teaching at the undergraduate level.

When you enter the mathematics degree program, the departmental Undergraduate Coordinator will initially advise you. However, within a short period of time, you will be assigned to one of our regular advisors. It is your advisor's job to help you plan your program throughout your career at Mississippi State University. Your advisor can also assist you with your plans after graduation. If you wish to change advisors at any time in your career, you merely need to notify the Undergraduate Coordinator.

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