Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The requirements for a B.S. degree are summarized in the table below.

English Composition EN 1103 and EN 1113
Foreign Language Two semesters of foreign language
Communication CO 1003 or CO 1093
Natural Sciences You must take on of the following two groups:
  1. CH 1211, CH 1213, CH 1223, PH 2213, PH 2223, and PH 2233
  2. CH 1211, CH 1212, CH 1223, BIO 1134, BIO 1144, and BIO 3103
  3. PH 2213, PH 2223, PH 2233, and two of BIO 1134, BIO 1144, or BIO 3103
Humanities (English, History, Philosophy, and Religion) 3 hours of history and 3 hours of literature. Please see College of Arts and Sciences core requirements
Social Sciences (Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology) 6 hours of social science in two different disciplines. Please see College of Arts and Sciences core requirements
Computer Science One of CSE 1213 or CSE 1233.
Mathematics: These courses must be completed with at least a "C" average. MA 1713, MA 1723, MA 2733, MA 2743, MA 3053, MA 3113, MA 3253, MA 3163, MA 4213, MA 4633, MA 4643, MA 4313
3 additional hours of 3000 level or above mathematics or statistics courses and 3 additional hours of 4000 level or above or mathematics or statistics courses.

The candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree must complete at least 124 hours with an overall "C" average. At least 31 of the total number of credit hours applied toward the degree must be upper division Arts and Sciences hours.

sample plan and a check sheet for satisfying these requirements is available on-line. But all students are encouraged to speak with the undergraduate coordinator or their major advisor in completing their plan of study.