The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level courses listed either as MA for mathematics or ST for statistics. To view a description of these courses, please see the Mathematics Courses page or the Statistics Courses page.

College Algebra, Trigonometry, Basic Calculus, and Introduction to Statistics are lead by the following course coordinators. 

Course Coordinators:

  • College Algebra – Coordinated by Kim Walters
  • Trigonometry – Coordinated by Jacob Tschume and Julie Nation
  • Business Calculus – Coordinated by Kim Walters and Jacob Tschume
  • Introduction to Statistics – Coordinated by Matthew Kilpatrick

Furthermore, please note that students who have credit for one or more upper division mathematics courses will not receive repeat credit for a mathematics course numbered below MA 2000. Additionally, students who have credit for MA 1713 are not permitted to enroll in any mathematics course numbered below MA 1713 without departmental approval.