Dual Program and Direct Admission to Ph.D. Program

Dual Program - A short path from Master's program to Ph.D. Program

The Dual program has been designed so that a first-year master's student can apply for the Ph.D. program. The status of a student admitted to a Ph. D. program through the Dual Program automatically changes to a Ph.D. program as their primary program. As per the Graduate Coordinating Committee's recommendation, an admitted student to the Ph.D. program shall fulfill the Ph.D. program of study as their primary program.

  1. At the end of the first year, a Master's student with a minimum GPA of 3.5 may apply for the fall admission to the Ph.D. program.
  2. Three letters of recommendation are required, and the name of a potential advisor (a graduate faculty) is preferred.
  3. The Department reimburses the application fees to the admitted through this program during the first semester of starting the primary program.
  4. Upon admission to a Ph.D. program, the GTA's stipend rises to a Ph.D. level.
  5. Admitted to a Ph.D. program through the Dual Program can only fulfill the Master's degree requirements after passing the candidacy examination for the Ph D. degree.

Direct Admission to Ph.D. Program

For applying to the Direct admission to Ph.D. degree program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, a minimum undergraduate grade point average, GPA, on the undergraduate academic work of 3.5 or more on a 4.00 scale is required. The GCC will review the application and makes its recommendation.