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About Us

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics includes tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, clinical professionals, instructors, lecturers, staff, graduate students, and student employees. Please visit our Directory to find more information regarding our administration, mathematics faculty, statistics faculty, graduate students, and staff.

Our department is ranked highly active in research and is consistently ranked one of the leading research departments in the state of Mississippi. The areas of research in which faculty within the department are active include: algebra, analysis, applied statistics, applied and theoretical probability, combinatorics, computational and applied mathematics, data science, differential equations, statistical theory, and topology.   

Many of our faculty also excel at teaching. Our department head is a Giles distinguished professor and several of our instructors have been nominated for the Grisham Master Teaching award which is the highest award given for teaching at the university. Additionally, Kim Walters (2013) and Robert Banik (2018) have both won the John Grisham Master Teacher Award. Kim and Robert were also awarded the StatePride award in 2010 and 2011, respectfully. 

The department offers several different degrees including the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts mathematics degrees, Masters of Science mathematics and statistics degrees, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in mathematical sciences. More information about the degrees which are offered can be found on the tab related to the Undergraduate program or the tab related to the Graduate program.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics runs a Math Club for undergraduate students which meets weekly and where the students participate in activities ranging from solving fun and challenging problems to playing games. The Department also runs a Statistical Consulting Center where members from other organizations on campus can acquire help in analyzing data. Furthermore, several of our faculty members and graduate students are actively involved in several mathematical and statistical organizations such as the American Mathematical Society and the American Statistical Association. To learn more about these organizations and how you can get involved, see Organizations and Links.

Finally, our department has several Professors Emeritus that remain connected to the University and active in research and whose names can be found below. For contact information of Professors Emeritus, please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics main office. 

Professors Emeritus

  • Dr. Corlis Johnson
  • Dr. Len Miller
  • Dr. Vivian Miller
  • Dr. Michael Neumann
  • Dr. Seth Oppenheimer