Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 Welcome, and transitions

Welcome, everyone, to a new academic year in the Mississippi State University Department of Mathematics & Statistics.

We have several new Mathematics faculty with us this year:
One of our doctoral students, Velinda Calvert, and a recent graduate from our master's program in mathematics, Amber Robinson, are joining us as lecturers. Former lecturers Jennifer Beckman and William (Jacob) Tschume have been hired as instructors.
Dr. Matthew McBride is our new hire in analysis. He was most recently a postdoc at the University of Oklahoma. His research area is in functional analysis, including noncommutative geometry, operator theory, and PDEs.
Dr. Yuan Liu is our new hire in numerical analysis and computational mathematics, and is joining us from Michigan State University. Her research interests include higher order numerical methods for PDEs, and computational biology.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Shantia Yarahmadian, who has been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

In the area of Statistics, we have a new hire, Dr. Michelle Zhou, who will be joining us from Simon Fraser University in January. Her main research interests are in the areas of model diagnosis, risk prediction, survival analysis, and biostatistics.
In addition, Dr. Yuanhui Xiao will be a visiting faculty member in our department this year. He is joining us from Georgia State University, and he studies times series, statistical computation, non-parametric tests, microarray data analysis, and interclass correlation.

We also have a new business manager, Elizabeth Miller. Ms. Miller previously worked for Aerospace Engineering. Please make her feel welcome!

We've also had several people move on.
Dr. Bruce Ebanks has retired from the department, and been granted Emeritus Professor status. He has moved to Louisville, KY for retirement, and we hope to see him passing through here from time to time as well.
Lorraine Hughes has also retired from the department. We'll miss seeing her around here, but she plans to stay in town, and you may still see her and her husband, Ben, down at the Starkville Community Theatre.
Dr. Meng Zhao has moved on to be with his family.
Judy Goodman has taken on new and different challenges as the business manager of the English Department. We wish her all the best.

Mohsen Razzaghi
Head, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

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