Graduate Coordinating Committee

At the beginning of the Fall semester each year, the Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will appoint a departmental Graduate Coordinating Committee.  The committee will consist of at least four graduate faculty members of the Department, in addition to the Department's Graduate Coordinator, who serves as its chairperson. Committee responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Approving the major professor and graduate committee;
  2. Approving programs of study;
  3. Approving the scheduling of all oral/written examinations;
  4. Assigning a member of the Graduate Coordinating Committee or another graduate faculty, who is not a member of the student's graduate committee, to be present at each oral examination;
  5. Overseeing, coordinating, and approving all written examinations, including comprehensive examinations, oral examinations, preliminary examinations, and defense examinations;
  6. Determining pass or fail on comprehensive examinations by a majority vote of the Graduate Coordinating Committee members.