Dr. Mohsen Razzaghi

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  • Professor of Mathematics
  • Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Email: razzaghi@math.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-3414


  • Allen 461

Research interests: Optimal control, applications of orthogonal functions in dynamical systems, and fractional calculus.

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Research Description
My area of research centers on orthogonal functions, optimal control, wavelets, fractional calculus and their applications in science and engineering. My work is about numerical approximation using polynomial series and orthogonal functions, in particular, in the area of “hybrid functions” by combining piecewise and continuous basis functions. I was the first to use Legendre wavelets for approximating solutions to problems in dynamical systems with jump discontinuities.
    I have over 160 refereed journal publications in mathematics, mathematical physics, and engineering. Most of my refereed papers are published in prestigious international journals. I was invited to write an article titled, “Walsh Functions” for inclusion in the Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, published by John Wiley & Sons in 1999. According to Google Scholar, one of my papers coauthored with a Ph.D. student was cited over 475 times.

Degree: Ph.D. in Mathematics, 
Department of MathematicsUniversity of Sussex, England

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