Dr. Jingyi (Catherine) Shi

Department / Division

  • Faculty-Statistics


  • Assistant Professor of Statistics


Email: jshi@math.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-7136


  • Allen Hall 418

Research interests

  • Data Science, Health Informatics
  • Predictive Modeling: Machine Learning, Feature Selection, Statistical Analysis
  • Data Discovery and Learning: Knowledge Extraction and Representation, Semantic Web and Ontology
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Quantification of Data Quality
  • Relevant Software and Toolkit Development

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Research Description 

To me, data science is a challenge-oriented science. I am interested in discovering research challenges and leveraging cutting-edge technologies as well as developing new methods to solve problems. I currently focus on healthcare-related challenges, especially transferring data to knowledge and generalization of health informatics approaches. Meanwhile, I am open to other areas that could be improved from the data’s perspectives.


Ph.D. in Computing and Information Systems - Health Informatics, 2019, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
M.S. in Financial Mathematics, 2014, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte