Research Faculty by Name

Ballamoole, Snehalatha local spectral theory and operator theory
Calvert, Velinda differential equations, function approximations
Dang, Hai partial differential equations
Diegel, Amanda numerical analysis, scientific computing
DuBien, Jan applied statistics
Fabel, Paul geometric and categorical topology
Johnson, Corlis algebra and combinatorics
Kim, Seongjai scientific computing, data analysis
Lim, Hyeona numerical analysis
Liu, Yuan numerical analysis, computational biology
McBride, Matthew functional analysis and noncommutative geometry
Miller, Vivien hypercyclicity and local spectral theory
Miller, Len local spectral theory and function-theoretic operator theory
Neumann, Michael Banach algebras, local spectral theory, and convex analysis
Oppenheimer, Seth mathematical modeling and differential equations
Patil, Prakash nonparametric curve estimation
Qian, Chuanxi differential and difference equations
Razzaghi, Mohsen control theory
Sepehrifar, Mohammad reliability, nonparametric life-testing
Smith, Robert function-theoretic operator theory
Wang, Jilu numerical analysis, scientific computing
Woody, Jon statistical climatology, time series
Wu, Tung-Lung cluster detection, high-dimensional data analysis
Xu, Xiangsheng partial differential equations
Yarahmadian, Shantia partial differential equations and mathematical biology
Zhang, Xu numerical analysis, scientific computing
Zhou, Qian model diagnosis, survival and longitudinal data analysis