Graduate and Professional School

Our undergraduate degree program is an excellent preparation for a wide variety of graduate and professional school options. These include business, medicine and law, as well as programs in computer science, meteorology, economics, engineering, and other fields. Of course, our majors are also very well prepared to enter graduate study in either mathematics or statistics. In particular, students interested in a medical career are urged to speak with the premedicine advisor. Elective hours and required science hours may be used to take the courses expected at entry into medical school. A complete list of the recommended courses for the University of Mississippi School of Medicine which are not included in your mathematics' degree requirements are: principles of zoology, plant biology, two semesters of chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, and three semesters of physics. Note that the physics and chemistry together fulfill the science requirement for the B.S. The additional hours of organic chemistry and two semesters of biology remain. The premedical student will also find cell biology, comparative anatomy, and physiology useful. It is easy to see that a B.S.~program in mathematics with biology minor would be an excellent preparation for medical school. Again, we emphasize the need to speak with a premedical advisor. Those students interested in pursuing a career in the law are urged to speak with a pre-law advisor as soon as possible. Some appropriate classes to help prepare for entry into law school are: logic (PHI 1113), speed reading (LSK 2013), the legal environment of business (BL 2413), and constitutional powers (PS 3063). Again, a list of suggested courses is no substitute for an early visit with a prelaw advisor.