Research Experience for Undergraduates

Program in Mathematics at Mississippi State University

Summer 2003





Date:  July 7 & 8, 2003

Time:  4:00 PM

Location:  Allen 14




Speaker:  Dr. Paul Sacks, Iowa State University




Phase problems in inverse scattering




The phase problem consists of the determination of the phase of a complex-valued function from its amplitude. In general, there are infinitely many complex-valued functions with the same amplitude.  What additional information does one need in order to recover the phase from amplitude measurements?

Such an important problem arises in various fields, one of which is neutron reflectometry, where the aim is to determine material properties of thin films by probing them with a neutron beam and by measuring the amplitude of the complex-valued reflection coefficient.  Can one construct the phase of the reflection coefficient so that material properties of thin films unambiguously determined by amplitude measurements alone?


Refreshments served in our faculty lounge at 3:30 p.m.