Seventh Mississippi State - UAB Conference on  

November 1-3, 2007
Doubletree Hotel, Birmingham, AL

Organizers:  Center for Computational Sciences, High Performance Computing Collaboratory, Mississippi State University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Mississippi State University
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Co-Sponsors:  Atlas Conferences
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations (EJDE)
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
National Science Foundation (NSF)

Principal Speakers OSCAR BRUNO, California Institute of Technology
CHRIS COSNER, University of Miami
JEFF CRANDALL, University of Virginia
NORMAN DANCER, University of Sydney, Australia
JOSHUA EPSTEIN, The Brookings Institution
LISA FAUCI, Tulane University
YANYAN LI, Rutgers University
JEAN MAWHIN, University of Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
CHARLES NIETUBICZ, Army research Laboratory
JAIME PERAIRE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
JOHN RICE, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
PETER TAKAC, University of Rostock, Germany

This Interdisciplinary Conference will provide a joint forum where mathematicians, scientists, and engineers from academia and industry can exchange research ideas involving theoretical and applied developments in differential equations and computational simulations. In addition to the twelve principal lectures, there will be sessions of twenty minute contributed talks. Reviewed manuscripts will be published as a special issue of the Electronic Journal of Differential Equations.

Pre-registration deadline is October 15, 2007. Abstracts for contributed papers should be submitted electronically no later than September 1, 2007. However, the number of contributed papers will be restricted and will be included in the final program only if pre-registration is complete. For further information regarding the organization, program, and submission of abstracts, contact the program chair Jianping Zhu at, program co-chair Roy Koomullil (University of Alabama at Birmingham) at, program co-chair Hyeona Lim (Mississippi State University) at, or the organizers:

Ratnasingham Shivaji
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mississippi State, MS  39762
Phone: 662-325-3414/325-7136
Fax: 662-325-0005

Bharat Soni
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Birmingham, AL  35294
Phone: 205-934-1820
Fax: 205-975-7217