NSF Travel Support for Graduate Students and Recent Ph.D's

The NSF proposal for travel support for graduate students and recent Ph.D's (those who've graduated since May 1997) has been funded.

An applicant for travel support must have a Social Security Number and a valid US address. A reference letter from a thesis advisor or senior faculty mentor on behalf of the applicant should be sent to Dr. Jianping Zhu at jzhu@math.msstate.edu.
For full consideration, please complete your travel support application by March 31, 2001.
Women and minority participants are encouraged to apply for the travel support. Since funds are limited, we request all applicants to make every effort to keep their travel costs low. Priority will be given to those applicants who will present papers at the conference.

Application for NSF Travel Support


E-mail address:

Social Security Number:

Year of Ph.D. (if graduated):

Postal Address:

Estimated Expense (including conference registration):

Name and e-mail address of the person writing the reference letter for you (to be sent by e-mail):

Will you present a paper at the conference?

If yes, the title of the presentation: