Undergraduate Statistics Courses

ST 2113. Introduction to Statistics. (3)

(Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore 24, or grade of C or better in MA 1313). Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Introduction to statistical techniques: descriptive statistics, random variables, probability distributions, estimation, confi dence intervals, hypothesis testing, and measurement of association. Computer instruction for statistical analysis. (Same as MA 2113).

ST 3123. Introduction to Statistical Inference. (3)

(Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore of 24 or grade of C or better in MA 1313). Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Basic concepts and methods of statistics, including descriptive statistics, probability, random variables, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, introduction to analysis of variance, simple linear regression. (Same as MA 3123).

ST 4111/6111. Seminar in Statistical Packages. (1)

One hour lecture. Introduction to the statistical computer packages available at MSU.

ST 4211/6211. Statistical Consulting. (1)

(Prerequisite: Consent of the department). (May be repeated for credit.) Provides students with the opportunity to participate as statistical consultants on real projects; consultants are required to attend a weekly staff meeting.

ST 4213/6213. Nonparametric Methods. (3)

(Prerequisite: An introductory course in statistical methods). Three hours lecture. Nonparametric and distribution-free methods, including inferences for proportions, contingency table analysis, goodness of fi t tests, statistical methods based on rank order, and measures of association.

ST 4243/6243 Data Analysis I. (3)

(Prerequisite: MA 2743. Co-requisite: MA 3113). Three hours lecture. Data description and descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, parametric one-sample and two-sample inference procedures, simple linear regressions, one-way ANOVA. Use of SAS. (Same as MA 4243/6243.)

ST 4253/6253 Data Analysis II. (3)

(Prerequisites: MA 4243/6243 and MA 3113). Three hours lecture. Multiple linear regression; fi xed, mixed and random effect models; block designs; two-factor analysis of variance; three-factor analysis of variance; analysis of covariance. Use of SAS. (Same as MA 4253/6253.)

ST 4313/6313. Introduction to Spatial Statistics. (3)

(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in ST 3123 or equivalent). Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Spatial data analysis: kriging, block kriging, cokriging; variogram models; median polish and universal kriging for mean-nonstationary data; spatial autoregressive models; estimation and testing; spatial sampling.

ST 4523/6523. Introduction to Probability. (3)

(Prerequisite: MA 2733). Three hours lecture. Basic concepts of probability, conditional probability, independence, random variables, discrete and continuous probability distributions, moment generating function, moments, special distributions, central limit theorem. (Same as MA 4523/6523).

ST 4543/6543. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I. (3)

(Prerequisite: MA 2743). Three hours lecture. Combinatorics; probability, random variables, discrete and continuous distributions, generating functions, moments, special distributions, multivariate distributions, independence, distributions of functions of random variables. (Same as MA 4543/6543).

ST 4573/6573. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II. (3)

(Prerequisite: ST 4543/6543). Three hours lecture. Continuation of ST 4543/6543. Transformations, sampling distributions, limiting distributions, point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, likelihood ratio tests, analysis of variance, regression, chi-square tests. (Same as MA 4573/6573).