Courses with Additional Information or Special Requirements

  • MA 0103 Intermediate Algebra is a two-hour lecture/two hour laboratory format. Beginning Spring, 2006, students will need to register for a lecture section and a separate lab section.
  • MA 1313 College Algebra. College algebra has departmental exams, and a Common Final Exam. College algebra is a two-hour lecture/two hour laboratory format. Students work in the Math Domain for laboratory portion.
  • MA 1413 Structure of the Real Number System has required computer-generated Basic Skills test that all students must pass by scoring at least a 75% within the first three weeks of the semester.
  • MA 1453 Precalculus. Students who wish to enroll in Precalculus and who have a Mathematics ACT subscore below 24 may gain admission to the course with a score of 28 (70%) or higher on the Precalculus Qualifying Exam. The exam is administered on-line during the pre-registration periods each semester, the summer orientation sessions, and the first week of class in the spring and fall semesters. The exam is a 40-question, multiple choice, sixty minute test on basic trigonometric concepts and skills. For further information or an appointment to take the exam, please contact one of the following at the given telephone numbers or e-mail addresses:
  • MA 1613 Calculus for Business and Life Sciences. This course has a Common Final Exam.
  • ST 2113 Introduction to Statistics (Cross-listed as MA 2113). This course has a Common Final Exam.