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The prerequisite for College Algebra at MSU is an ACT mathematics sub-score of 19 or higher. Students who do not satisfy this requirement may register for College Algebra if they score 70% or higher on the College Algebra Placement Test.

The College Algebra Placement Test is a 30-question multiple-choice test of basic and intermediate algebra. The 75-minute test will be given on-line in the Math Domain, in Allen Hall, Room 111. There is no charge to take the exam. The exam is offered during MSU pre-registration and at the beginning of each term. For more information see the Test Dates page. In determining the exam score, there is no penalty for guessing and no partial credit.

To be allowed to take the exam, students must bring a picture ID, a pencil, and their NetID and password when reporting to take the test. For more information on obtaining a NetID and password, see the MSU Information Technology Services web site.

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